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We Do CRM.

Import leads, manage documents, invoice and bill clients, run reports, make customized filters, send email and fax, manage tasks and events
all with Student Logics CRM features.

Task Management

Manage daily workload effectively to ensure tasks are completed on schedule. This feature can be used to set up tasks and reminders for you and your staff, and it also allows you to monitor your employees’ activities.

Invoicing & Billing

Student Logics provides a complete and secure billing solution for your company. You can choose from our 100+ payment gateways, set up invoices, schedule payments, and automatically run payments through our system. You will be able to see a complete payment history for each client, and identify which payments were cleared or declined.


Our pre-built reporting features give you great insight into all your business  activities. Managers are able to run reports on individuals and teams in order to evaluate their performance. You gain the convenience of centralized control when comparing and tracking sales and back-office processes.


Our Dashboard provides graphical analytics and sale statistics. It provides each member of your team with a comprehensive view of their performance on one screen. The Dashboard also gives an up-to-date glance of all current cases including total leads, sold leads, gross sales, closing data and a real-time ranking of your sales staff!

Organize Your Leads and Cases

Student Logics allows you to capture leads directly from different sources. You can filter your leads and active cases based on a wide variety of factors, including lead source, debt amount, assignments, and location. You will also have full control over who in your organization gets notified or assigned to the lead in real time.

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