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We Know the Steps. 

It is all about the process. We designed it in a way that you can complete the student loan processing on one call.




Ask the Right Questions

Student Logics has gathered all the required question and answer fields in Interview section.


Ask the questions and record answers in designated fields on a short phone call. 

SSN/PIN Request



Security Matters


Clients don't want to divulge personal information?...


Not a problem!


Now they can directly enter their PIN and SSN into your system through a secure link.


Data Pull &




Right Data at the Right Time


Having accurate and up to date loan data is a necessity.


Student Logics pulls and populates your clients' loan data in a matter of seconds.


With our integrated repayment calculator, quoting your clients is just a click away.


Integrated Forms



Doc Prep is Cool


Student Logics automatically fills out all the necessary forms for you. So, say good bye to all the tedious paperwork.




e-Sign and 



Get your contracts and forms signed electronically, using our proprietary e-Sign application.


Student Logics connects you to the Department of Education website. Submitting your application couldn't be easier!




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