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Student Loan Forgiveness In Different States of USA.

There are different Student Loan Forgiveness Programs (SLFP) for different professions and repayment methods. Several states have added their own programs to attract professionals in certain fields, usually in lower income or rural areas. Most of these programs focus on teachers, medical professionals and attorneys.

List of Forgiveness programs in various states:

1: New York: The Regents Physician Loan Forgiveness Award Program awards at least 80 physicians practicing in New York up to $10,000 each year, for 2 years. This only applies if the applicants are residents of New York from the past 5 years and have an in-state driver’s license. Another program, Physician Loan Repayment, awards up to $150,000 to physicians who commit to work in underserved areas for 5 years.

Awards are made annually to licensed social workers licensed to practice in New York State who have at least one year of prior employment working in a critical human service area.

New York has even started “Get on Your Feet” plan, which covers the income-based federal student loan payment for state residents making less than $50,000. In this State ensures that 100 percent of a graduate’s loan payments for two years are covered. To be eligible for this student must attend college in New York and continue to live in the state following graduation, and Participate in the federal PAYE program.

Loan Forgiveness for District Attorneys and Indigent Legal Services Attorneys are also offered to retain them throughout New York State.

The New York State Young Farmers Loan Forgiveness Incentive Program rewards up to $50,000 toward federal, state, or private loans, if the borrower agrees to operate a farm full time for 5 years. All applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a New York college or University. Reference

2: Washington: The health Professional Loan Repayment Program awards doctors, nurses, pharmacists and dentist with up to $35,000 per year, for 2 years. Healthcare professionals must provide primary care in an underserved or rural area.

3: Washington D.C: The District of Columbia Bar Foundation Loan Repayment Assistance Program grants qualified attorneys up to $12,000 annually, to be distributed quarterly. Every applicant must be a D.C. resident, in good standing with the bar, and commit to 12 months of services.

4: Illinois: The Illinois Teachers Loan Repayment Program is awarded to teachers who work in low-income schools and have been working for at least 5 years. Teachers must be eligible for a federal loan forgiveness program. This program can make a matching award up to $5,000.

5: Pennsylvania: Primary care practitioners such as doctors and dentists can get up to $100,000 and other practitioners can get upto $ 60,000 for working full-time for two years with medically underserved populations. Physicians must be licensed in Pennsylvania and meet certain requirements.

6: Florida: The Loan Repayment Assistance Programs for Lawyers gives up to $5,000 per year to lawyers who work at legal aid or legal services organizations. The Florida Bar Foundation forgives the loan annually for participants who remain employed full-time or part-time (at least 50% FTE) for 12 months at a general support-funded organization.

7: Michigan: The John R. Justice Student Loan Repayment Program awards state and federal public defenders and state prosecutors who agree to remain employed as public defenders and prosecutors for at least three years. Applicants can have up to $60,000 forgiven. Applicant must be continually licensed to practice law in Michigan and be members in good standing with the Michigan Bar Association.

The Michigan State Loan Repayment ​program repays up to $200,000 in federal and private loans for up to eight years of medical service.

8: Texas: The Teach for Texas Loan Repayment Assistance Program can forgive up to $2,500 for teachers that work in a field or community, where there is a shortage of teachers.

9: North Dakota: North Dakota's veterinarian loan repayment program will repay up to ​$15,000 for the first two years and $25,000 for years three and four for large food animal veterinarians in high-need areas​.

10: California: CDA Foundation’s student loan repayment grant will repay up to $105,000 for three years of full-time dentistry in California.

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